The latest update to the AAT course - Q2022

The latest update to the AAT course - Q2022 - has just been launched and we will be offering the new courses for the first time starting this September 2022.

Levels 2,3 and 4 have all been revised to keep them up to date with the changes in the accountancy workplace.

As a result, AAT students will continue to have great job opportunities in a wide range of roles in industry and the accounting profession.

ABOUT Q2022 level 2 - certificate in accounting

The latest version of this course includes four units and four online exams. The first two units are introduction to bookkeeping principles of bookkeeping controls.

These cover the basic techniques of bookkeeping which are used in every accounts office all over the world. Many of our students start the course with no prior knowledge or experience of accounting but they can confidently start looking for a first job in accountancy as soon as they have learned these subjects.

We also include hands on experience of computerised accountancy systems which will make it easier to get that first job opportunity.

Next we cover: - Principles of costing which introduces the methods used to produce management information.

Businesses need this information for planning, for making decisions and for controlling costs. Some accountants specialise in this area.

The final unit is:

- The business environment

which includes an introduction to business law, business ethics and sustainability, effective business communication plus a chance to review the essential bookkeeping skills from the first two units.

This course is a great first step in your accountancy career and if you decide to progress further you can go on to the level 3 diploma in accounting.

Find out more now, and apply to study AAT today

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